According to CareerBuilder, a good number of candidates see the candidate experience as an indicator of how much a company values its people. Every contact with candidates throughout the recruitment process is a chance for them to learn more about your company. Considering how important these interactions are, it is important that your company positions and portrays itself accurately.

Applicants generally hope to validate their preconceived perception about your company using the candidate experience. Since the recruiting process provides a glimpse into the daily life of the organization they may soon be joining it is important that you ensure that your candidate experience is up to par with the needs of the job seekers. Here are 5 important questions you can use to evaluate this.

How Good Are Your Job Descriptions?

Your job description is most times the first contact a candidate has with you. As yourself this, what do candidates see when they open the job listings on your website. Are they seeing generic posts which can be filled by just anyone on the street or they get a clear picture of the specific requirements of every position including a comprehensive list of the goals and responsibilities they will be required to fulfill?

If you want to make a good first impression then your job description is one of the important places to look at. Try to make sure it answers every question the candidate might have about a position and your organization including the vision and mission of your company, the structure, and culture of your organization as well as the benefits packages of the position.

Does Your Candidate Experience Reflect Your Culture As a Company?

The recruitment process should be aimed at giving candidates a taste of the culture within your organization. Your candidate experience should be based on the values of your internal culture. For example, if your company is team focused, ask candidates to demonstrate how well they can perform in a team or invite them to meet multiple team members within your company to demonstrate how you emphasize on teamwork.

Do You Have A Mobile-Friendly Recruiting Process?

These days everyone is on their phone and as a modern company, it is important that you keep up with the trends. The bulk of traffic to your recruitment pages is from mobile devices which means for convenience your career site should be mobile-friendly.

How Great Is Your Follow-Up?

While it is true that breaking a bad new isn’t easy on anyone, you owe it to the candidates to inform them about their status in the recruitment process. It also helps your company’s reputation as well. Let the promising candidates know that they did well even if you will not be able to employ them. Also, try to let the declined candidates why they didn’t get the position and what they could have done better to improve their chances the next time. This way you maintain a good reputation with the candidates and increase the chances of them applying for future positions in your company

What Do The Candidates Have To Say About You?

Asking the people that have gone through it to evaluate it is one way to get a picture of how great your candidate experience was. Ask your new hires to give feedback about the recruitment process. This will give you an idea on which part of the candidate experience you need to change or improve upon.

Not everything that works great for the company is great for the candidates. These questions will help you if you are thinking of adjusting and improving your candidate experience in 2019